Affilliated Companies:    META-Automation is innovator of gauges in Near Infrared (NIR) and Microwaves Technology for accurate measurement of the moisture or.the water content for materials such as > Building materials (e.g. concret, bricks ) > Paper- and Carton (pulp- and paper-industry) > Textiles and Wood (textile- and wood-processing, cotton, fibres, MDF-board) > Agricultural products (e.g, seeds, rice, tobacco, coffee, kernels, gelatines, animal food) > Metals (aluminium-, steel-processing, coatings) > Food (sugar, butter, salts, pasta, potatoes-chips, biscuits) > Minerals (e.g. coals, bauxite,sand,phosphats basalt ) > Chemicals (powders,granulates) > Waste (recycling-process) > Liquids and Gases (brake fluid, ethanol, acetone, silicone, butanol, methanol,phenol, propanol) > Polymers and Composites (PVB, safety glasses).    The on-line, real-time measurement of moisture  respective water content in the different industy branches is  of great economic impact as it is a key factor in > Energy savings (drying processes) > Time savings (production speed, laboratory costs) > Quality and consistency of the end-product > Cost savings (avoiding waste scrap products)  .     META-Automation manufacture and offer a broad pallete of heavy duty standard and customized sensors and gauges for contactless, in-situ measurement, recording and control of the density independent moisture content of above mentioned applications. The moisture determination occurs in real-time and is weight resp. density compensated as gr/sqm or % .  All measurement configurations can be realized (transmission, reflexion, backscattering, modulated detection) MMR-9  Method of Operation MMR-9  Technical Information META: Moisture Waste, Recycling Center META : Aluminium Water solvent Primer MMW-9  Technical Information MMW-9  Method of Operation > Measurement of Moisture and Water in Food and Pharaceuticals, natural Products, Powders, Building and Construction Materials, Granulates,  Wood Processing, Sweets and TobaccoFor Measurement of Water Content in Liquids and GasesFor Thickness Measurement of Coatings and Foils > Measurement of Fat, Protein in Meat-, Food processing > Idensity of Colors in Solutions, Recognition of Color-changes > Residuals of organic Substances in Water or other Liquids or Gases > Gauges for Ex-Zone 1 and 2 according to ATEX Standars available.  PIER-Electronics : IR-, UV-, VIS-  Measuring Sensors Pier : Gas analysis equipment Infrared Moisture Gauges META : Paper Moisture META : Moisture Non-Woven Microwaves Moisture Gauges   InfraRed (IR)-, UltraViolett (UV)-, Visible Light Range (VIS)-Sensors Pier: Moisture Potatoes Chips META : Moisure in Concret (Beton) META : Water solvent Coating META : Cotton Moisture Metal Processing META: Moisture Measurement Wood Processing Home          About Company         Products & Support          Contact         Terms & Conditions         Imprint         Disclaimer                MMW-9R Measurement of Moisture in Concrete, Operation Manual META: Measurement  moisture, weight, flow, thickness, layers, consistency / density, temperature Equipment : propulsion control of ships, exhaust gas monitoring systems, alarm monitoring and safety systems, Technological Automation : process control, quality control systems, control moisture, -weight, -temperature, energy control, energy power automation.