Affilliated Companies: >Superior Precision & Resolution >Excellent Temperature Stability >Outstanding Long-Time Stability >Material Independent for Metallic Targets >Suitable for any Conductive Target / Semi conductive Target >Measuring Ranges : 0,05 ./.10 [mm] , Accuracy : min. +/- 0,05% FSO, Resolution : in Nanometer [nm] Range  >Non-Contact and wear-free >Highest Resolution and Linearity >Extremely stable Measurements >Excellent Temperature Range and   Temperature Stability >Measuring Ranges : 0.4 ./. 80 [mm] , Accuracy : min. =< +/- 0.2 % FSO ,(Full Scale Output) >Resolution : min. =< +/- 0.005 % FSO >Long measuring Ranges >Large measuring Gap (Stand off) >Small Spot size >Extrem measuring Resolution >Excellent Linearity / Accuracy >Measurement on Shiny metallic and rough Surfaces >Measuring Ranges : 0.5 ./.1000 [mm] , Accuracy : min. +/- 0.03 % FSO (Full Scale Output) >Resolution : min. 0.0015% FSO >more than 300 m without reflector , For more than 3000 m with reflector , >Excellent price-performance ratio >Excellent repeatability and linearity >Short response time >Compact sensor design , Various interfaces >Sighting laser for easy set up >Measuring Ranges : 0.1 to.3000 m , Linearity : min. +/- 2 mm >Measuring ranges to 50,000mm >Resolution quasi infinite >Compact overall design , Easy mounting for any application >High reliability and long life cycle , Analog and digital outputs Distance Applications : >Measuring Principal combines advantages of both inductive and magnetic sensors. >Unlike conventional measuring methods, the magneto-inductive sensors enable measurements through non-ferromagnetic materials, particularly metals such as aluminum or stainless steel. >Selectable measuring ranges up to 55mm >Freely definable switching points >Linear output signal, High dynamics , suitable for speed measurements >High basic sensitivity and temperature stability >As non-contact the sensor offers a very long service life Revolutions, Speed Applications >Frequencies: up to 1000 Hz, >Selectable distances up to 55 mm >Freely definable switching points , >Operating Temperatures : -20°C-80°C , Housing : PA 66 / brass / PUR >Supply : 11-30 VDC , 5 VDC , Outputs : 2-10 V, 0.5-4.5 V, 4…20 mA, Frequency >One of the fastest sensors worldwide >Configuration via Web-Interface >Interface: Ethernet, EtherCAT, RS422, analog >Robust design with passive cooling >Extremely small and constant spot >Nearly target independent - best accuracy against mirror and glass surface >One-sided thickness-measurement >Measuring range : 0.3 ./.30 mm , Resolution : min. 0.0006% FSO (Full Scale Range) .      META-Automation offer  Heavy-Duty Gauges for Displacement,Distance, and Position -Measurements. The Application-Fields where the Requirements  for precision Sensors and reliable measuring Equipment are very demanding. These Applications are encountered in :   Machine- and Tools-Automation, Process Monitoring and Control,  Quality Control and Maintenance,  Research and Development. The System Solutions offered, are based on > Capacitive sensors > Eddy current sensors > Inductive sensors (LVDT) > LASER triangulation sensors > LASER distance sensors > Draw-wire sensors > Magneto-inductive Sensors > Confocal distance sensors  >Distance to target up to 2.2mm , >Speed range 200 to 400,000 RPM, >Highest immunity and accuracy >Output (digital) : 1 pulse / blade (TTL-level, variable pulse duration) or 1 pulse / revolution (TTL-level, pulse duration 100μs) >Output (analogue) : 0 ... 5 V (200 ... 200,000 RPM) , 0 ... 5 V (200 ... 400,000 RPM) >Operating temperature up to 285°C >Linearity ±0.2% FSO (Full Scale Output) , Resolution 0.1% FSO >Power Supply : 9V ... 30VDC Turbo-Charger DZ Revolutions, Speed Sensor   DZ-140 turbo-sensors : Data Sheet Turbo-lader Measuring Sensor Capacitive capaNCDT Sensors for Distance, Position Micro-Epsilon : Surface Compensation LASER optoNCDT Sensors for Long Distances Micro-Epsilon : Car Lift Displacement Micro-EpsilonHole Diameter Measurement Confocal Chromatic Measuring Sensor MDS/MAIN  Sensor WDS Draw-Wire Sensors optoNCDT ILR Distance Sensors optoNCDT LASER Triangulation Sensors Eddy Current Measuring Sensors Capacitive Measuring Sensors Home          About Company         Products & Support          Contact         Terms & Conditions         Imprint         Disclaimer                CapaNCDT sensors : Catalog Micro-Epsilon : Break Disc Wear Out Application Eddy Current sensors for Displacement and Position  EddyNCDT sensors : catalog LASER optoNCDT Triangulations sensors for Displacement and Position optoNCDT Sensors : catalog optoNCDT-ILR Sensors : catalog Micro-Epsilon : Silo Level Measurement Draw Wire WPS/WDS Sensors for Displacement Draw Wire sensors : catalog Application Guide Draw Wire sensors Magneto-inductive MDS Sensors for Displacement and Revolutions MDS / ΜΑΙΝ -Sensors : Technical Catalog Micro-Epsilon : Revolutions Measurement through isolators Confocal IDT-IFS Sensors for Displacement and Position Confocal-sensors : technical catalog META: Measurement  moisture, weight, flow, thickness, layers, consistency / density, temperature Equipment : propulsion control of ships, exhaust gas monitoring systems, alarm monitoring and safety systems, Technological Automation : process control, quality control systems, control moisture, -weight, -temperature, energy control, energy power automation. Micro-Epsilon:  Distance Measurement through isolators